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Interested in a beautiful career that specializes in treating and beautifying the skin? Here at TPCA, as a future esthetician, you will be trained in our classic European-style facial techniques along with the latest skincare innovations and technologies.


As a proud School Partner of DERMALOGICA, IMAGE SKINCARE, BIO-THERAPEUTIC, and BERODIN our esthetics program can teach you techniques to purify, balance, and renew the skin, the artistry of make-up application, and advanced waxing. Not to mention lash extensions, which are very much in trend in today’s beauty industry.


Our program focuses on personalized attention in a state-of-the-art facility so you get to learn and practice your trade in a realistic spa/salon setting and develop your marketing and communication skills that will help you obtain your first job, attract clients, and build your own business.


We’re proud to be offering a curriculum infused with technical training from industry leaders in skincare, makeup, and hair removal.

How Long Will It Take?


Esthetician | 750-hours

Depending on the schedule you choose, this program can be completed within:


  • 7-months (or 27 weeks) with a full-time schedule

  • 9-months (or 36 weeks) with a part-time schedule

  • 13-months (or 50 weeks) with a flex schedule




TPCA strives to promote a healthy balance between school and your personal life; this is why our academy runs on a 4-day workweek.


Schedules run from Wednesday through Saturday.

  • Full-Time (28 hrs/wk)
    9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Part-time (21 hrs/wk)
    9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Is work or life matters getting in the way of your dream job? Our Flex-Schedule is an alternative to the schedules above. This schedule provides you with some flexibility to create your own schedule, so long as you complete 15-hours per week.


Training Breakdown:


As a future skincare professional, dedicated instructors will guide you through three (3) phases, with each phase taking on more advanced techniques, building real-world skills, and confidence as you progress through the course.

Phase I:


This pre-clinical classroom training allows you to learn the fundamentals in a classroom setting, practicing techniques on mannequin heads and fellow classmates while a dedicated instructor guides you every step of the way. 


Phase II:

This phase is when most students find what services they are most passionate about. 

  • Practice on paying clients in a real, assimilated salon/spa environment

  • Improve your skills with the help of a dedicated instructor to eventually develop speed and work independently (under the supervision of your instructor) to start your career. 

  • Learn advanced techniques


Phase III:


  • Continue rendering services independently under the supervision of your instructor

  • Prepare a career portfolio

  • Prepare for the State Board Exam


Technical Areas Covered Include:


  • Skin Analysis

  • Customized treatment protocols

  • Ingredient Technology

  • Prescriptive Retailing

  • Makeup Techniques

  • Lash Extensions

  • And much more!


How much will it cost me?

Program Costs


Tuition $7,550

*Application Fee $100

*Supply Fees $2,000

*Sales Tax $165

*Lab Fee $125

*TDLR Student Permit Fee $25

Financial Assistance Available to Those Who Qualify. Click Here for more information.