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Cosmetology is the umbrella of the beauty industry, encompassing hair, skin, and nail services. At TPCA, it's not just about learning the basics to pass the state board exam; it’s about becoming part of an artistic culture that embraces innovation in hair color and techniques, skin and nail care, and business strategies.
Our program can prepare you for the state board exam and potentially lead you to a rewarding career in the beauty industry. And did we mention we are a
REDKEN PREMIER SCHOOL, using one of the most innovative color systems in the world and their techniques to achieve the most beautiful hair.

How Long Will It Take?


Cosmetology Operator | 1000-hours

Depending on the schedule you choose, this program can be completed within:


  • 8 months (or 36 weeks) with a full-time schedule

  • 11 months (or 48 weeks) with a part-time schedule




TPCA strives to promote a healthy balance between school and your personal life; this is why our academy runs on a 4-day workweek.


Schedules run from Wednesday through Saturday.

  • Full-Time (28 hrs/wk)
    9:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Part-time (21 hrs/wk)
    9:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Training Breakdown:


As a future hair artist, dedicated instructors will guide you through three (3) phases, with each phase taking on more advanced techniques, building real-world skills and confidence as you progress through the course.

Phase I (also known as your “Discovery” Phase):


This pre-clinical classroom training allows you to learn the fundamentals in a classroom setting, practicing techniques on mannequin heads and fellow classmates while a dedicated instructor guides you every step of the way. 


Phase II:


This phase is when most students find what services they are most passionate about.

  • Practice on paying clients in a real, assimilated salon/spa environment

  • Improve your skills with the help of a dedicated instructor.

  • Learn advanced techniques


Phase III:


  • Continue rendering services independently under the supervision of your instructor

  • Develop speed and prepare to start your career

  • Prepare a career portfolio

  • Prepare for the State Board Exam


Technical Areas Covered Include:


  • Braiding, up-styling, and finishing

  • Perming and smoothing hair

  • Hair coloring and lightening

  • Precision haircutting skills

  • Manicure and pedicure

  • Makeup and Facials

  • Lash Extensions

  • And much more!

How much will it cost me?


Program Costs 



Tuition $8,850

*Application Fee $100

Supply Fees $2,000

*Lab Fee $125
*TDLR Student Permit Fee $25


Financial Assistance Available to Those Who Qualify. Click Here for more information.

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